Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On My Knees

I've been reading through the gospels and the book of Daniel lately. One thing that I have noticed time and time again is the power of kneeling. I think that as christians we have forgotten the power of kneeling. Several times Daniel has these visions and dreams in which he has no choice but to fall on his face because of weakness. Each time he fell the angel touched him and raised him up. As I read through those visions I realized I have totally lost touch with the power of kneeling. Kneeling is much more than a symbol of humility. There is true power that only comes from being on your knees. I've always made excuses like it's not very convenient, or God doesn't care if I kneel. So I just tried it a couple of times... and it's made all the difference in my prayer life. Like I said there is true power in kneeling. So, keep in mind the next time you casually bow your head in prayer that your time may be better spent on your knees.