Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On My Knees

I've been reading through the gospels and the book of Daniel lately. One thing that I have noticed time and time again is the power of kneeling. I think that as christians we have forgotten the power of kneeling. Several times Daniel has these visions and dreams in which he has no choice but to fall on his face because of weakness. Each time he fell the angel touched him and raised him up. As I read through those visions I realized I have totally lost touch with the power of kneeling. Kneeling is much more than a symbol of humility. There is true power that only comes from being on your knees. I've always made excuses like it's not very convenient, or God doesn't care if I kneel. So I just tried it a couple of times... and it's made all the difference in my prayer life. Like I said there is true power in kneeling. So, keep in mind the next time you casually bow your head in prayer that your time may be better spent on your knees.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Sow!

I have probably read the parable of the sower about 20-25 times in my life and always kind of gazed right through it. It's a Sunday school story that I've heard so many times, therefore I unknowingly look right passed the message. However, it's not so much the parable that I've overlooked it's Jesus' explanation of the parable a few paragraphs after. Seriously I felt like I had never read it before, even though I know I've been through Matthew several times. If that's not ironic I'm not sure what is. Every time I read that paragraph in the past the seed fell on deaf ears (the path) and satan (the crows)(or it could just be my ADD) came and grabbed the seed right off the surface. Now that I'm at least hearing the words of the parable, I've been reflecting back on the seeds that have been planted in my life. Countless times I've seen the seeds planted in my life burn up because of rocky soil. One prime example is all the youth camps and conferences I've been to. I don't know about you but after camps and conferences I come home on cloud 9 ready to serve God. However, the rocks and thorns of life choke out the seeds shortly after and hardly ever did the plants bear any fruit. My prayer is that God would do a little tilling in my soil to soften me up for the planting season. I know what your thinking, to much symbolism in one sentence. Reflect back on your life and see the seeds that God has sown in your life. If your like me then its time to hit the plow. Just kind of my thought for the day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Response to "Crazy Love"

This is my first blogging experience and I'm sure not many will be reading it. Especially since I'm a boring writer. However, just to share what God is doing in my life right now. I recently just finished reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, which I highly recommend for anyone looking for some encouragement and spiritual challenges. One of the chapters that has troubled me deeply is "the profile of a lukewarm christian". In it he describes several characteristics of lukewarm christians and I found my self identifying with more than I would like. What is more troubling is the chapter that follows. He makes an interesting point that a lukewarm christian is a oxymoron. So I've been struggling and dealing with the lukewarm areas of my walk. My prayer is that God will help me cut the fat in my walk and give me a fire and a desire to love others with real genuine love. Sounds like that would be a great song right? I would like to encourage others to do the same. If all believers could have the "Crazy Love" that Francis Chan talks about and Jesus lived than christianity and religion would have a different reputation. I'm not even going to touch the negative connotations that religion has inspired. However, I believe that things can change! Thank God that things can change. Lets change the way we love and minister. Would love to hear some feedback and responses.